About Prepare LA Now

Do you have a family or business emergency plan? When a disaster happens in your neighborhood or business district, do you want to be notified and instructed by City officials on what to do?

Prepare LA Now is the City of Los Angeles’ official planning website that creates a customized family or business emergency plan just by entering some basic information. And you can print, email and share your emergency plan with your family and employees at your business. Creating an emergency plan with this on-line tool has never been easier.

When you opt-in to receive Prepare LA Now emergency alerts and an emergency occurs in your geographic area, a notification will be sent to your mobile phone instructing you on what City officials need you to do to stay safe.

Another benefit of Prepare LA Now is the information you enter will be used to provide emergency responders with information about you and your business so they can plan, prioritize and deploy life saving resources and support when there is a medical call for assistance or when disasters occur.

Prepare LA Now is safe. All the information you provide remains confidential and will not be shared. Your information will only be used by the City of Los Angeles for notification, planning and response purposes.

Please visit our frequently asked questions page for more details.